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The Skinny


Singularity is a presence driven heavenly ecosystem on earth,

founded by Fiorella Giordano.

The name was birthed out of the idea of what a Singularity in Physics and Mathematics is, in essence it is a point that becomes  unpredictable as it approaches zero and takes on an infinite value,  figuratively we believe that this  point of disruption is the fulcrum or gateway of what no eye has seen or ear heard or entered the heart of man.    Additionally, the word itself means unique, remarkable, and unified into one unit, which speaks of the single hearted pursuit of this ecosystem for the Dream of God out of the revelation oneness with Him. We believe that the city of Dallas, Texas  is marked with this grace, and we are embarking into a synergistic journey with the will and desire of God for this region.



Our mission is to bring into being an administration of governance of heaven on earth in order to facilitate the next 100 years through heavenly blueprints and architecture, developing the grid for new supernatural possibilities and phenomena,  with the expression of new language, economies, innovation, and city building.


Our vision is to see a full immersion of the earth into the heavenly reality of what no eye has seen or ear heard or entered the heart of man. 

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