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We are a presence driven ecosystem of heaven on earth, 

Neo Language

New era expression of Divine Language and technologies


Timeless economies facilitating exponential wealth

Aionic Intelligence

The mind of Christ expressed in manifold wisdom.


Making room for the full expression of the Supernatural nature of God


Innovating the future through technologies, enterprises and city building


Facilitating and establishing a heavenly administration

for the next 100 years


Facilitating the measure of God in a manifold expression in this new era


Embracing the experience of Wonder to unlock the limitless


Bringing creation into metamorphosis

Greater Works

Bringing the expression of our supernatural experience with God into exponential action.


Unlocking the strategies and moves of the future, now.

Our current focus as Collective is the governance and stewardship of the Planetary Gateway and its broadcasting system into creation and Consciousness.

Connecting Dots

Our Monthly Meeting

*We meet once a month! Schedule will be posted in the Discord channel and our FB group along with this site. In order to access the full collective along with the Discord community where the conversation unfolds and also the replays of the meetings you must have a paid subscription. 

This is an online event only. 

Schedule for next meeting:

March 22nd.

Are You Ready to GO BEYOND?

We have some things we are keeping under wraps. If you want to stay in the loop, join our mailing list and don't miss out!

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